Our Story

The Beginning

Dealer Choice began at a large east coast dealership. This dealership started with 2 employees and over the years of strong growth, they began to struggle with creating proposals, placing clean orders, keeping invoicing current, managing punch and accounting functions were equally challenging.

This dealership purchased business software, but they needed more flexibility and features so they created manual processes and workarounds. They were actually working harder, not smarter.

They wanted to incorporate all of the separate processes they had devised into a single system so everything was accessible centrally, achieving a seamless, efficient workflow.

This is where the Dealer Choice concept was devised. The entire workflow process was incorporated into a single web based software application.

The creators of Dealer Choice left this dealership in 2007 to devote full focus to support and advance the new business software application.

Moving Forward

Dealer Choice provides a complete, inexpensive, easy to use business software tool that allows furniture dealerships to operate significantly more efficiently. Our Web-based program makes business more efficient and less costly. Within this application, discounting is managed, proposals created, customers billed, punch items ordered, and a robust accounting module ties the entire process together.

Our philosophy is to listen to dealers and quickly transition their ideas into functionality. This practice drives our success and makes Dealer Choice Systems the best software tool available to manage your dealership.

We strive to become the industry leader as well as a valued business partner by providing a robust technology solution that will increase the efficiency of the entire industry.

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