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  • Pricing is determined by the number of software users. You pay a monthly seat license fee per user. Billing is handled through a monthly subscription fee.

  • Yes. Similar to the subscription fee, your set up fee is based on the number of users. The set up fee is a one-time charge.

  • No. There is no charge for storing your database.

  • Yes. Dealer Choice delivers a product with superior quality at a lower cost than current industry software applications. There are no additional hardware requirements. Computer management costs decrease as software moves from the desktop to a web-based application. Your dealership will reduce overhead expenses by increasing productivity and reducing man hours from order processing, computer support, installation and design. Features such as an automated discounting tool and a proposal proofreading process are included to make sure that all costs are captured and accurate. Documents are sent via email and fax, saving you money on paper, ink and postage.

  • Dealer Choice offers you unlimited customer support via phone and email at no additional charge.

  • Yes. You can sort proposals by proposal number, salesperson name, customer, active and inactive (archived after a period of time) status and several other sort features.

  • Multiple users can access the same proposal simultaneously. There is a notification feature which announces that another person has the proposal open. This gives the option for a user to close out so that others can input or update the proposal.

  • Standard and special discounts are entered into the system. When proposals are created the appropriate discount can be applied. Even volume or tiered discounts can be input and applied.

  • Proposals automatically archive after 30 days or per a time period of your choosing. The proposal is still accessible but hidden from the general view.

  • The file vault is a unique feature that allows you to upload a variety of useful information (i.e. Drawings, key charts, pictures) pertaining to a specific proposal. These files remain permanently attached for future reference.

  • Coined by Dealer Choice, finalization is the term used to describe the proofreading step. This step scans the proposal for incomplete specifications, missing shipping locations and install addresses. It also applies tiered/ volume discounting, freight fees, small order and call before delivery charges. Finally, this step allows you to combine open market and direct bill orders within the same proposal. A proposal cannot be emailed, printed or faxed until undergoing the finalization process. This ensures that each proposal is clean and accurate before it is placed in the hands of the customer.

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