Access information easier...
  • Access Dealer Choice from a tablet, phone or other small screen device
  • For line items that have been imported, the “Finishes and Options” detail will automatically display when viewing the line item
  • Green or blue diamonds appear on line items to let users know if a line has been ordered (green diamond) or invoiced (blue diamond). This includes the Service and Punch Tab
  • Purchase Orders totals summary - A totals section is displayed on the Purchase Orders tab of proposals, listing the purchase order by vendor and their total cost.
  • Payables totals summary - A totals section is displayed on the Payables tab of proposals, listing vendor payables by vendor, total cost and balance due.
  • “Flag as complete?” check box on proposals - Proposals can be marked as complete on the project info tab which will remove them from the project status report
  • Exclude Customer Refunds option on the Commission Report - any customer refunds that were issue towards an invoice will not be displayed or considered on the commission report
  • "Include Unapplied Credits?" option on the Accounts Receivable Report - Allows unapplied deposits to display on the AR report
  • Customer Deposits Report - See customer deposits with a remaining balance
  • Text that is entered in the Memo field when creating expense account charges for vendor payables displayed on the detail view of the Trial Balance Report
  • Customer PO search on the Project Status Report - A Customer PO number search field was added to the Project Status Report.
  • PO fully acknowledged checkmark added to the PO report – The Purchase Order Report now includes a column called “Fully ACKD.”.  This column will display a check mark for all purchase orders where all the PO line items contain acknowledgement data.
Have more print options...
  • Proposal Trailer Message print option – Additional text that can be selected to display on the proposal, this message appears after the line items.
  • Delivery Ticket enhancements - Delivery ticket comments can be set to appear before or after the line items
  • Proposal Description print option - allows for the Proposal Description text to be included on Delivery Tickets
  • Install Notes Print Option - include selected install notes on Delivery Tickets
  • "Deliver Between" date fields added on Purchase Orders - Enter dates in these fields to have them appear on Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Footer Message - Text entered in this field will be displayed on all Purchase Orders.
  • External Purchase Order Notes - Text entered in this field will be displayed on the Purchase Order
  • Do Not Include List Price print option - Control the printing of the list price on Purchase Orders
  • Consolidate PO’s checkbox - Print all Purchase Order lines on a single delivery ticket when this option is selected
  • "Print All PO's" icon - Select one or multiple Purchase Orders to be printed with this icon
  • "Company Contact Details in Footer" - Print your company address details at the bottom of the document with this print option
  • Pro forma document print options - The “Invoice Details” prompt prints Line Item Details or Summarized by group. The “Document Date” prompt allows users to specify a date to appear on the document instead of the default of today’s date. The “Include Deposits” check box allows users to select customer deposits that were received on the proposal to be displayed on the pro forma document
  • Vendor Net Terms Print Option on Purchase Orders – A checkbox has been added to allow for the vendor payment terms to be included on the Purchase Order header (on the upper right side under the PO number).
View information easier...
  • Punch Purchase orders are highlighted in yellow on the Purchase Orders tab
  • Easily identify line items with missing ship to address when creating a Purchase Order. These lines will be highlighted in yellow for easy identification
  • Punch Invoices are highlighted in yellow on the Customer Invoices tab
  • Inactive user accounts tab - Any user account that does not have the “Is this user active?” check box selected will appear on the Inactive Users tab instead of the Users and Group tab
  • Easily identify customer and vendor names - All list selections that display Customer and Vendor names will include (customer) beside customer names and (vendor) beside vendor names
  • Hide Expired Vendor Discounts - Expired discounts are highlighted in red so they can be easily spotted and they can also be hidden to keep the discount list clean
  • Hide Expired Customer Discounts - Expired discounts are highlighted in red so they can be easily spotted and they can also be hidden to keep the discount list clean
  • Highlight punch on A/R and A/P report - Punch invoice numbers will be highlighted in yellow on the Accounts Receivables report and punch purchase order numbers will be highlighted in yellow on the Accounts Payable report.
  • Customer File Vault - Customer specific files can be uploaded to the Customer File Vault and these files are accessible in the Email and Fax terminal, so they can be included on any email sent from Dealer Choice to that Customer.
Work smarter, not harder...
  • Bank Account Reconciliation Report - Reconcile your Dealer Choice cash accounts against the corresponding bank statements
  • Search the journal by dollar amount – A search will be done on a partial match on this number
  • Proposal Clone - Users can create an identical copy of an existing proposal
  • Multi-select from the File Vault - Download multiple files from the file vault at one time
  • "In house PO" - Purchase Orders can be flagged as “In House PO” if a vendor invoice will not be received against it
  • During customer invoice creation, any contacts that contain fax numbers for that customer will be displayed
  • Automatic email carbon copy - Users will automatically be carbon copied on any emails they send from DC when this feature is turned on in System Configuration
  • Automatic email blind copy - If an email address is entered in this field in system configurations, then all emails sent out of DC will be copied to this address
  • Secondary Sales rep permission - Users that have this permission selected will only be able to see proposals where they are the secondary rep in the proposal list or any other report that uses secondary rep filters. This is another option for restricting certain users from seeing proposals and reporting data that they don’t need to see
  • Easily update Vendor Discounts right from the Vendor Discounting Report
  • Vendor Small Order Fee Volume Range - Tiers can be added to the Small Order Fee option on the Vendors Payments tab
  • Vendor Surcharge field - This is a generic option in the Vendor Payments tab so that it can be used for adding additional purchase order costs
  • Sales Rep Assigned - Assign sales reps to specific customers in the Customers database.  Proposals can be searched by Sales Rep Name
  • Append Proposal Trailer Pages - Incorporate PDF files as pages appended as the last page(s) of proposals instead of as email attachments. Upload PDF documents in System Configuration or in the Proposal File Vault.  Selection options for Proposal File Vault and/or System Configuration Append Trailer Pages is displayed in the Email and Fax terminal.
Make DC do the work for you...
  • Enhancements to the Smart Grouping feature - Line items can also be grouped by Tag 2 and Tag 3 with our Smart Grouping function
  • Changing Proposal Order Type - A proposal can be changed between a direct bill and normal bill at any time, even after a line item has been invoiced
  • Proposal Group Sorting - Easily sort line item groups by: top ascending, top descending, bottom ascending and bottom descending
  • Proposal Lock - Proposals can be locked so that no changes can be made
  • Vendors with contacts that have email addresses are easily selectable in the Purchase order window
  • Vendors with contacts that have email addresses are easily selectable in the Invoice window
  • Customer contact information displays when emailing or faxing existing customer invoices to make selection easy
  • Proposal List Export - Download a spreadsheet containing proposal list data that was searched for
  • Customer Statement Scheduler - Users can set Customer Statements to be automatically sent (emailed or faxed) to customers on a regular basis
  • Print customer credit memos
  • Vendor catalog codes can be imported to matching vendors in your database. This will not delete existing catalog codes and helps identify lines from SIF or XML imports
  • Copy Vendor Discounting - Create an exact copy of an existing discount with the click of a button. You can then edit the cloned discount to make necessary adjustments
  • Copy Customer Discounting - Create an exact copy of an existing discount with the click of a button. You can then edit the cloned discount to make necessary adjustments
  • Customer List export to spreadsheet when proposal list is filtered to Sales Rep. This filter allows only the customers with the specific Sales Reps listed to be exported
  • Commission Teams - This commission rule allows commission teams to be created and assigned to users (Users table) or directly to a proposal (Project Info tab). The commission team feature allows for multiple users to be assigned to a commission rule and each user is assigned a percentage of the total commission rule amount.
  • Dashboard - The dashboard is a set of mini reports that display different metrics within your site. Each mini report (or widget) is controlled by permissions, so you control access to the widgets for users and/or groups of users.
  • The Customer File Vault tab will appear in the Email and Fax terminal if Customer File Vault files exist, when sending emails or faxes.

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